Mineralt is a user-friendly miner for everyone

Unfortunately, not every website owner knows that it’s possible to make money on visitors but we’ll reveal all secrets in this article. Today we speak about Mineralt and its outstanding features.

Easy to use but a well-made miner

Mineralt works on a javascript base and this makes it simple for integrating into any type of platform. It can be used on any website, in a mobile app or even online game. To integrate it you need to register and just copy the code to the existing one. Also, it doesn’t matter which coins you want to earn because the possible variants are Sumokoin, Electroneum, Nicehash and Monero. And as the service is very smart it can choose the most profitable coin for every user.

No fees only profits

Yes, you got it right – the service doesn’t ask for any extra payments. The fixed price for usage is 30% of the reward. Payouts can be received to such popular services as PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer and etc.

Hidden and secured

When people hear about miners they firstly think about the possible restrictions which disrupt the whole process. But this product isn’t detected by adblocks or other extensions and apps. It’s also resistant to almost all antivirus programs.

So, here we have a cheap, well-made and protected miner. No matter what your platform is, which coins you prefer and where you want to get the payouts, try out the smartest web miner. No Adblock detection!

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