The history of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” song by U2

U2 has long been not just a rock band from Ireland, but a real symbol of freedom. The leader of the band, Bono, is one of the last romantics. He is in love with the ideals of democracy, as sincerely and passionately as possible.

Recording of the “Sunday Bloody Sunday” song by U2

U2 band, in fact, cut a window into the world of famous music for other Irish rock artists, like Sinead O’Connor to and the Cranberries. However, they started with songs not singing for peace. The first track from the album “War” (1983) is “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. This song begins the drive already with the drum intro. This rhythmic pattern, especially played by Larry Mullen on the stairs of the Dublin studio (for the desired echo effect), is the same great as drums in “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin. Here also Irish violin sounds played by musician Steve Wickham. Together with Bono’s emotional vocal the song impresses the audience. It is not hard to guess that the song was about the confrontation between the Irish and the British. And the combat rhythm and social mood of the song sent us to the hit “London Calling” by The Clash. Listen to these free mp3 songs and many others online.

The original idea and melodic basis of the song did not belong to Bono. The author is Edge. He used to draw a parallel between Easter Sunday and the ongoing bloody war in Ireland, where for several centuries, Protestant Christians and Catholic Christians mercilessly kill each other. However, do not take the composition of U2 so straightforward.

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