Minimalistic templates for websites by Feedmethemes

Feedmethemes is a service which knows the solution for all your problems with website design. The developers understand how much time it takes to adjust everything before launching a new service or business and that’s why they created a huge number of ready-made themes for any website. Let’s look at their products range and decide whether it’s convenient or not.

What is offered and what the prices are

There are a lot of layouts in which all visual aspects are already worked out. So, when users open the they see simple website templates. After choosing the right template one is to download it and start filling with content.

The prices are different. One template costs $17, another one – $60. Just try to count whether your content will bring the necessary profits to pay for the product. The main advantage of the service is that there are many free options so for those who aren’t sure about something it’s a great opportunity at least to try.

The suitable content

Feedmethemes sells products for everyone. The categories of content vary from business and services to medical websites. If you’re, for example, in search of a blog template, it won’t be hard to find the best one. Just choose the necessary category (Blog & News), decide whether it’s ok to pay for it and click on the platform of the future blog. The platforms are Drupal, WordPress, Magento and HTML.

We like the mentioned website because all templates are updated monthly and look great not depending on the price. It’s very easy to preview how information will be displayed and to choose themes only with necessary features because they are categorized too. So check the service out and try your first template for free.

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